Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorating with Books ...

I enjoy books and I love to decorate with books.  Not only do I love to read; book covers come in so many styles and colors, they make a perfect addition to the decor in every room of the house!  I painted the wall hanging above, for my livingroom a few years ago.  Below, are some examples of how I have used books to add to the decor in various rooms of thistle cottage.

In the livingroom, above, books and a vase of wildflowers add visual interest.  The colors of the book covers match the blue, teal and gold hues of the picture and walls.

I recently redecorated the master bedroom above.  These are the books I chose, based on the warmer tuscan colors.  The photo does not show the trim in this room has been painted a rich chocolate brown.

On the wall opposite the bed, the books have been arranged to off set the brown color of the shelves, along with a collection of art glass.  A small wooden cigar box atop the books, compliments the wall collection to pull the colors together.

Elsewhere in the house (below), I have selected books to add height and visual interest to a collection within various color themes:

On a bookshelf (below), vintage books have been ties neatly together with satin ribbon.  A vase of wild daisies sits along side.

And lest we forget the spa basket for house-guests!  Guests appreciate the extra touches provided; along with a few good books to choose from.  Perfect for relaxing with an early morning cup of tea! 

That's all for today!  Will be showing photos of gardens and White Ironstone china soon!



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