Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Blue Room at Thistle Cottage ... Decorating with Antiques and Shades of Blue

As a child, I remember my Grandmother, Rose Marie Pratt (lovingly called "Little Grandma") had names for each room, in her five bedroom farmhouse; located in the Fingerlakes area of upstate NY.
(Below) "Little Grandma" Rose Marie Townsend Pratt, at her college graduation. After her death, we found the graduation necklace and it hangs from the side of the photo today. My Grandfather, Charles L. Pratt, was the 7th son, of a 7th son; a sign of good luck.  Looking very dapper in his uniform!

Now that my children are grown, I have two guest rooms available.  Originally, I had them decorated for my grandchildren.  However, I recently decided that the guest rooms would be decorated for adults; and I would make a toy room for the grandchildren!  So, in keeping with my Grandmother's tradition, this guest room, is called "The Pratt Room" (aka  the "Blue Room").  It is the smallest room in Thistle Cottage, but very cozy.

My mother handed down the lovely twin bed shown above. It has a dark headboard and footboard, so I wanted the furniture in the room to match the dark wood.  I purchased the vintage chenille bedspread on ebay.

I found a blue/beige/brown oriental rug for this room (shown below).  It was the last one, and I felt so lucky to have found it!

I just love the coordinating fabric below; which I purchased years ago, but did not know what I wanted to use it for. So I put it in my fabric stash and came across it when I was decorating the room.  I'll be using it to reupholster the horsehair rocking chair.

The vintage boy doll belonged to my Mother; who fondly named him Albert Peter Fitzroy Jenkins, in the  mid 1940s.  I can just imagine my Mother playing with her Albert ...

"...  Oh little playmate Come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three
Climb up my apple tree
Slide down my rain barrel
Into my cellar door
And we'll be jolly friends Forever more"

"I'm sorry playmate I cannot play with you
My dolly's got the flu
Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
'Ain't got no rain barrel
'Ain't got no cellar door
We'll still be jolly friends forever more"

Albert is displayed (above) in the Blue Room, wearing a vintage baby gown of white flannel, with blue embroidered trim and roses. It is finished at the neckline with light blue ribbon ties.  He wears a one-piece knitted romper underneath.

The lamp and figurine above, were of my Mother's favorites, during her pre-teen years.  The cute little girl in the photo, is of my Mother at the age of 5. It is my favorite photo of her and it always reminds me of one of my favorite nursery rhymes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ...

"There was a little girl, with a little curl;
Right in the middle of her forehead ..."

LOL ...   :-)
The antique bow-front china cabinet (which is actually a diningroom piece), belonged to my Great Grandmother, Rose JonesTownsend, who is shown in the larger photo on the wall (and also below). Although it is not dated, I believe the photo to be from the late 1800's, due to the shoulder seams on the dark fabric dress and also the high neckline. The photo is imprinted over cloth, then mounted in an ornate wood frame, with gold trim.

Below:  The Blue Slip ceramic pitcher matches the colors in the room nicely. The back of the cabinet was dark wood, so I placed vintage drawer liner paper on the backboard to add a colorful touch and brighten the space.  It also sets off the antique ironstone that is displayed. 

I tried to use many shades of blues, teal and white in the cabinet.  However, it seems like chamber pots and old dolls are part of an unintended theme!

Since I love vintage fabrics, I have displayed an embroidered blouse and skirt set (shown below), in the room as well.  They were found in my Grandmother's attic, and I believe them to be of 1914.

These items were hand made, on the old Singer treadle sewing machine (which is in my sewing room).  Note the embroidery on the front of the blouse, and the pin-tucks along the sleeves (below).  The back of the blouse also has matching embroidery and pin tucks along the length.

The bottom hems of two skirts (above) have layers of pin tucks and lace. This would have taken many hours to sew.

Among my favorite treasures, are the vintage glove box, lined in pink satin; gloves, hankies and cabinet cards (CDV's) of my Grandmother Caroline Deacon (Shown below).

Below:  This is my Grandmother Deacon Pratt and her son Charles Pratt (my Mother's father).

Although the room needs a few touches, it looks pretty good to start with!

Next, I'll be remodeling the "Rose Room" (more dolls, ironstone and antiques to come... how fun!)

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