Sunday, November 18, 2012

Making Shadow Silhouette Portraits

Shadow Silhouette Portraits ~ Family is the most precious gift ~

Recently, I decided to make shadow portraits of my Grandchildren ... all six of them!  It is quite easy to do, very inexpensive,  and does not take much time. Each portrait cost me less than $1.25.

The frames were purchesed at the Dollar Store for $1 each.  The black & white posterboard was .50 cents each. I was able to make six portraits for a total of $7.00.

1 frame for each portrait size 8" x 10"
White Posterboard
Black Posterboard
Profile Photo of the child
Printed copy (or photocopy) of the profile photo to fit in an 8 x 10" frame
tape or glue
pencil or pen

Step 1: (photo below)

Take a profile photo, filling the camera screen almost completely. 
Print the photo out onto a regular 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper

Step 2:  (photo below)

Carefully, cut out the profile, with scissors.  Make sure you leave little curls, or hair accents in the photo.  It will add interest to the shadow...

Step 3:  (picture below)

Decide if you want your portrait facing left, or right. 
Place the photocopy on the black posterboard, facing the OPPOSITE WAY that you want (you will be tracing the BACK side of the shadow portrait, that way your tracing lines won't show on the front).  In this case, I had to flip the photo over, and trace on the blank back-side.
Carefully, trace around the photocopy.  I used a black fine tip pen.

Step 4:  (photo below)

In the photo below, you can see where I have traced the outline onto my black posterboard.  Carefully, cut the profile out; making sure to pay attention to the facial features that are unique to each child!

Step 5:  (photo below)

Cut a piece of White posterboard, to fit in the 8 x 10" frame.  Place a small piece of folded tape or glue on the back side of your shadow photo.  Tape (glue) it to the white background.  Insert it into the frame.

And it's done!  The project took about 20 minutes to cut the original photo, trace, cut again from the black posterboard and then assemble into the frame. 

I love this project, because it matches any decor and decorating style.  These could look old-fashioned, prinitive, or more contemporary... depending on the colors or paper that is used, and the type of frames they are in.  These shadow pictures will really never look outdated and they are so unique!

Enjoy your family ~ They are the most precious of gifts!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thistle Doodle ... Our Golden Doodle

Recently, I made a page on facebook called "Thistle Doodle Loves to Play".  The FB site was actually written with my Grandchildren in mind; giving them links to fun and kid-friendly websites.

I've also created a few Thistle Doodle coloring pages for the kids to enjoy:
Here's the link to Thistle Doodle's coloring page (above):
Here's Thistle Doodle's link to the Coloring Page above:

If you have younger children, or grandchildren; you may want to check out the new "Thistle Doodle Loves to Play" on Facebook.  Lots of great ideas for crafts, upcoming Holiday links and Educational links! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thistle Cottage Spring Gardens

 Gardening at Thistle Cottage has always been quite a challenge.  Most are in shaded areas under the oak and maple tree canopies; other areas only get dappled sunlight in the afternoon.

I usually try to have a mix of bulbs, along with trees or shrubs in each bed. The above photos are located on the east side, and get some dappled morning sun.

The large rhodendrons are facing north east, and get early morning sun; then are shaded the rest of the day

Each year, I do plant a variety of annuals for color.  This year I planted pansies; in oranges, yellows, whites and purples.

Lilly of the Valley grows on the west side, in the afternoon sunlight

The old Lillac Tree, is among my favorite flower in early spring.  I always look forward to cutting the large blooms and placing them throughout the house.

This large white shrub blooms every year; although I'm not sure what it is :)

Large two-toned Iris are from my Grandmother's garden in Upstate NY; given to me by my favorite Aunt Betsy.

Full of wisdom; our old tree watches over Thistle Cottage

Orange Asiatic Lillies and also Tiger Lillies are in abundance, and usually bloom through August

Snow On The Mountain, is a lovely ground cover, which has white lacey blooms (similar to Queen Annes Lace); however, it is also a very invasive species -- take care where you decide to plant these!

Hostas are usually the "standard" for shaded gardens; although I do mix the varieties for contrast; and also have a few ground covers as well

Spiderwort (above)  grows very well in shaded areas; it has long grassy leaves and delicate purple flowers.  It spreads and fills in nicely every spring.

Two Tone Purple and White varigated Pansies - one of the annuals that does well in partial shade

The ground cover above is very slow to spread, but has pretty purple blooms that last throughout the spring and into summer.  The neon green ground cover (below) is called Creeping Jenny.  It is slow to start, but once it takes off it really spreads and also give a vibrant contrast to the garden.

Knock-Out Roses do very well in full to part sun

Yellow Asiatic Lillies seem to bloom all at once, and last only about 2 weeks; but are well worth the display.

Red Asiatic Lillies are in bloom (for the second year)... They are a bit slow to grow, at appx. 8" tall

The small evergreens have found a temporary home, near the hosta; facing the west.  They seem to enjoy the sunsets; but alas, they will be moving this fall to their permanent home on the north side of Thistle Cottage!

Here are a few cute Gardening items from Joss & Main on my Pinterest Board:

How Cute is This :)

Pinned Image

... I fell in love all over again... with this shabby chic red Asian Sink Basket ...
So many uses in the garden or Patio...

Pinned Image

And Lastly....  A Cute Garden Recipe...  Enjoy!
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